Michael M. Sharapov
Associate Professor


Position: Associate Professor
Degree: Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Science
Title: Associate Professor
Room: 706 б
Phone: 259-05-20
Research interests: limiting theorems for estimates of parameters of random processes and fields with long memory, modeling of random processes and fields with long memory, random walks on graphs, combinatorial solutions of linear programming task, computer realizations of statistical algorithms


  1. M.M. Sharapov, F. Navruzov, S. Doroshenko, K. Zhulidova Probabilities obtaining under uncertainties. // Вісник Київського університету, Серія: фіз.-мат. науки. – 2011, – № 2, – с. 163-168.
  2. M.M. Sharapov, T.О. Galkovsky, O.М. Maksymets On Laplace function values calculation. // Вісник Київського університету, серія фіз.-мат. науки. – 2007, – № 1, – с. 201-204.