Natalia V. Semenova


Position: Professor
Degree: Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Science
Title: Senior Researcher
Room: 709
Phone: 259-05-34
Research interests: development and research models and methods of discrete optimization, as well as problems with ambiguous data set, stability analysis of vector discrete optimization problems.


  1. N.V. Semenova, L.N. Kolechkina, A.N. Nagornaya Solution and Investigation of Vector Problems of Combinatorial Optimization on a Set of Polypermutations. // Journal of automation and information sciences. – Vol.40. Issue 12. – 2008. – p. 27-43.
  2. N.V. Semenova, L.N. Kolechkina Multicriterion problems on the combinatorial set of polyarrangements. // International Journal "Information Theories & Applications" Institute of Information Theories and Applications FOI ITHEA. – Sofia, Bulgaria, 16. – 2009, – p. 115-126.