Katerina M. Golubeva
Assistant Professor


Position: Assistant Professor
Degree: Candidate of Technical Science
Room: 215
Phone: 259-05-32
Research interests: computational mathematics, mathematical simulation, statistical pattern recognition


Numerical methods
Numerical methods in informatics


1. Computer-Aided Method of Breast Cancer Diagnosis using Relational Discriminant Analysis of Distant Malignancy-Associated Changes. – Chapter 2 in: Handbook of Research on Machine Learning Innovations and Trends (with Klyushin D., Boroday N., Prysiazhna M., Shlykov M.), Vol.1. Eds.: Aboul Ella Hassanien, Tarek Gaber. - IGI Global (USA), 2017, 1093 pp. - P. 22-42.

2. Screening of breast cancer using Peano curve (with D. A. Klyushin, D. G. Shervarly, N. V. Boroday, E. A. Belousova), Журнал обчислювальної та прикладної математики, Київ. – 2012. – №4 (110). – C. 117-121.

Curriculum Vitae