How to enroll?

1. Pass The EIT
External Examination(EIT) in Mathematics, Ukrainian Language, Physics or History of Ukraine or Foreign Language, or Biology, or Geography, or Physics, or Chemistry.
2. Chose an Education program
Applied Math, Computer Science, Software Engineering, System Analysis
3. Apply
Congratulations on admission to the Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics!

Enrollment documents

The working days of the selection committee
July 28 9:00 -17: 00
July 29 9:00 -17: 00
July 30 9:00 -17: 00
July 31 9:00 -17: 00
August 1 9:00 -17: 00
August 2 9:00 -18: 00

Therefore, starting tomorrow, the admissions committee of the Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics of the Kyiv National University will be waiting for you at the address: 4d Academician Glushkov Avenue.

Applications for training at the expense of individuals and / or legal entities from entrants participating in the competitive selection will be accepted until August 9.

When submitting documents for enrollment you will need:
 Passport (original and copy);
 Identification code (original and copy);
 Extract from the Unified Demographic Register or Reference 13 from the place of registration (original and copy);
 Certificate and appendix to the certificate (original and copy);
 EIT certificate and information card of the EIT participant;
 Military ID or certificate of registration - for conscripts, except as provided by law (original and copy);
 4 3x4 photos are cut and signed on the back "Surname and specialty number";
 Paper folder and 3 files.

For needs:
 Documents confirming the right to participate in the selection outside the competition;
 Documents confirming additional points for admission.

Please note: if the entrant is not 18 years old, the presence of a parent (who must bring a passport and identification code) is required.

Copies do not need to be notarized, but they are not valid without presenting the originals.
We also recommend grabbing: 2 regular postal envelopes and 4 stamps to send in Ukraine.

If the entrant applies for accommodation in a dormitory:

 Completed application for settlement (according to the sample, you can fill in on the spot);
 3 photos of 3x4 size are cut and signed on the back "Surname and specialty number";
Passport (original and copy);
Identification code (original and copy);
 Reference 13 from the place of registration (original and copy).
Please note: An extract from the Unified Demographic Register does not replace Help 13 in this case.
and needs:
 Documents confirming benefits (originals).
Do not forget about personal protective equipment and social distance when submitting documents!
Documents for the settlement

Application for settlement, filled in according to the sample (the only established form).
Copies of documents confirming benefits (if any).
Copy of passport (passport sample booklet 1, 2 and 12 pages, passport sample ID card 1, 2 parties, a copy of the certificate from the place of registration (form-13) - only for passport ID).
A copy of the registration number of the taxpayer's account card (formerly an individual tax number, identification code).
Photographs 3 x 4 - 3 pcs.
Help 13 (ID card holders only) !!! Not to be confused with an extract from the unified state register !!!

Applicants for PR Master

1. Statement.
2. Originals of the document on the educational level (bachelor's degree) and the appendix to it.
3. Examination sheet of the single professional test / single entrance exam.
4. The original and a copy of the identity document. If you have a passport in the form of an ID-card, you also need the original and a copy of the extract (certificate) from the register of residence.
5. Taxpayer registration card number (identification code).
6. Original and copy of military ID or certificate of affiliation (for conscripts).
7. 4 photos of 3 × 4 size.
8. The applicant's consent to the processing of personal data (you will receive the form from the selection committee).
9. Folder-folder (for the formation of the personal file of the entrant).
10. Diplomas of the winner (prize-winner) of all-Ukrainian and international student Olympiads.

Applicants per place:


2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Applied Math 7.6 8.4 15.5 18.24 14.8 7.78 12.34 4.18 6.42 5.93 4.74
Computer Science 7.3 10.1 15.1 18.23 12.72 7.52 13.53 6.61 7.54 6.64 4.97
System Analysis 19.6 18.2 21.64 30 19.9 12.2 18.8 11.73 12.1 11.9 8.11
Software Engineering 22.4 26.4 37 53.64 35.6 19.6 34.58 10.71 18.18 17.78 9.85